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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey people.... I'm gonna write a great story about <<The Rabbit In The Haunted Mantion>>. Almost everyday I'm gonna change the episode,ok??

     Episode 1
     Long ago,there was a rabbit named Zora. He likes to watch hauted movies and haunted books. One night,when he was watching a haunted movie,he heard a knocking sound out side his house. He was so scard that he ran upstairs and lock his door.
      That night,he actually taught it was a ghost. He quickly ran to the hone and call the UFO.When the UFO arrived,he thought he was save,but,the UFO really did what they can. But nothing worked,they went to investigate but when they opened the door,the knocking sound stoped.
        After a while,the UFO gived up cause they cant take it anymore,they were much too scared too.The next day,Zora wasa reading newspaper. He saw a news that says there is a real life haunted mantion near Mid Valley. Zora forgoten what yesterday happenned so he was excited about that so he went there by a bus.
          After he reached there,he didn't saw much people. He was the only one there. He quicly went inside without letting the guard knowing.When he was in there,the door was locked up.Zora was even more scard  then yesterday.

Did he get out? Is he in danger?  What will he do? Is he dead? Find out 2morrow...maybe.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ooooo,who likes popcorn?!?!.....not me,woohoo!!
Remember,you come to this blog is not because nothing,its because you care for the precious cute childrens.
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